Car Insurance Quotes Factors

What Affects The Price Of OC And AC?

If you are interested on what they really depend on the price of insurance OC and AC, and how they are shaped, read the article below.

The premium paid by the insured should correspond to the risks to which “exposes” of the insurer.

The insurer should receive this contribution, which will allow him to raise funds, which will be paid compensation, decommissioning costs and other operating costs. The TPL insurance come to the fees prescribed by law institutions. Each company determines the factors that have an impact on the final price.

Factors Taken Into Account In Insurance Premium

For OC and AC factors usually taken into account when composing contributions are:

  • age of the driver. In 2007, drivers aged 18-24 were the perpetrators of close to 21% of road accidents in Poland, which is also reflected in the overall frequency of damage.
  • Each insurance company uses a different policy in relation to young drivers. There are increases contribution from 30% upward, and often even more than 100% or other methods “disciplining” drivers (eg. By means of its own shares) regional zone.
  • This is the area where we live and where to use the car. This criterion is most clear for drivers, because everyone sees the difference between the risk of an accident on wylot√≥wce Warsaw and the risk of the same accident on the road between the villages of A and B in the Bieszczady Mountains, history of “claims”.
  • It is a popular classification Bonus / Malus (calculated separately for OC and AC). It applies to all years of insurance and the amount of damage in this period. Especially it is taken into consideration last year.
  • Maximum discounts reach 60% and can be transferred to other insurers. However, each insurer has its own conversion method and the recognition of discounts.
  • Taken into account, a certificate of the previous insurer or a declaration of the insured, other policies with the insurer or the continuation insurance.

We Calculate The Premium For OC

n the case of the OC is the most consideration in engine capacity. This is the criterion resulting from the tradition of Polish insurance.

They can be explained in two ways:

  • First – a larger engine capacity have cars whose owners drive an average of more kilometers per year (according to statistics)
  • second concept refers to a compound with a power capacity of the vehicle, and thus at a higher speed, which is the main cause of accidents.

We Calculate The Premium For AC

Composing contribution for the same AC insurer returns while attention to:

  • make and model of the car. There is a difference in the cost of repairing individual brands and their popularity in the statistics-theft.
  • value of the vehicle. AC premium is calculated as a percentage of the value of the car.
  • The same value is also associated with the risk, but also protection requirements.
  • There are companies that give up to insure expensive cars.

The Premium AC And OC – Summary

In our market, we can replace more than 50 different factors that affect motor insurance premiums.

Each company approaches the topic autorsko and a bit different from all the others. That’s why you always have to compare different insurers!