Car Insurance Quotes

According to a study in 2006 by the Institute of Garner identity theft occurs every minute to about 28½ people. These numbers are alarming, but explains why you should not provide personal information of strangers. Are you afraid of becoming a victim. This attitude is generally not a problem. It becomes a problem only when it’s time to get to some services, such as car insurance quote. Insurance agents are trained to ask a lot of sensitive information from potential customers, so they can give accurate quotes. However, it is important to know that you do not need it to get what you want from them.


refuse any personal information. Agent must say that it makes you feel uncomfortable. It let him go. Insurance agents are professionals and can work around your internal systems gives the car insurance offer.

• Ask for a general offer. It can be based on people in the demographics and the type of car. This type of insurance quote may not be completely accurate, but you will be in the ballpark of what kind of a bonus, you’ll have to pay. Give secret information. You can always give your insurance agent slightly altered personal information about yourself to get car insurance quotes. So take a few years to the date of birth. Change your name. Adress change. There will still be able to get insurance quotes.

• Ask for an offer based on a specific postal code. Postal codes play a large role in how much you will pay for each car premium. So they use it only in the mountains and to explain to the agent, which is the only personal information that you feel comfortable giving.

• You can get insurance on-line quote. Many companies such as Geico provides public access to the system, which gives the car insurance quotes. Ask for limited information, and are still able to give you quotes.

• Ask your neighbor for help. Your neighbor may provide information on its price. Unless you have a lot of speeding telex store or a car that is really different from you, your insurance premiums will be the same. So you’ll stadiums, what can you expect from local insurance companies.

Decide before you contact your insurance agent what personal data they are willing to give up. When it comes to giving out your social security number, you should immediately explain proxy.

Do not waste time arguing with your insurance agent to provide personal data. If you do not want to give you a quote, do not trust.