Free Car Insurance Quotes and Uninsured Drivers

Car Insurance Quotes And Uninsured Drivers

MZ plans that some of the money from the mandatory liability insurance policies put into a hospital emergency departments. This would be a solid lump sum, that is, the amount charged to all drivers for all patients hospital emergency departments (tant). For the moment we do not know how much would be a premium. Resort wants to talk about it with insurers.

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– We have not had a chance to talk with the ministry and did not see any particular project. We hope that we will be involved in the work on this new tax. Especially since this is not the happiest moment to introduce such a tax in Poland – says Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, president of the Polish Chamber of Insurance, who was a guest of Radio Ones.

There Are Several Reasons.

– One of them is that the insurance industry has at the moment is in a very difficult financial situation. MTPL insurance is unprofitable. Although it is mandatory that this year, insurers will lose about one billion zlotys for this particular line of business – says the guy Ones.

Grow The Amount Of Compensation

Why is this happening, although the number of accidents decreases, and cars run better and better?

– They grow in an uncontrolled way of damages. In recent years, it changed the law came new titles to compensation and insurers are paying huge amounts of compensations. The period of limitation is 20 years. Therefore, they are often opened the old case, which means that there has been some discrepancy between what we paid 20 years ago as part of the contribution, and what today insurers in some cases have to pay

For personal injury in 2014 (for 2015 yet there is no precise data), insurance companies paid out over a billion dollars. While the amount of contributions, mainly because competition is not changed.

– We are one of the countries in which the lowest premium OC. Oscillates around 420 zł. annually. Therefore, it is not a happy moment to introduce a new tax Beware guest Ones.

The Ministry of Health argues that drivers cause accidents and the victims of these accidents end up in hospital emergency departments. And it just seems to be a solution in which the owners of vehicles consisting of such treatment. In recent years, already a co-it occurred – it was called. Religa tax. According to John Gregory Prądzyński, President of the Polish Chamber of Insurance, this argument is of course it sounds very convincing and socially-but does not include a number of problems.

– Firstly, this is not the perpetrator accidents will pay, but all drivers. In addition, the ED-s are not only victims of road accidents, but also to everyone else. Eg. Someone who has an accident on the street.

May increase the number of people uninsured

– If insurance premiums rise dramatically (and still will grow, because they are currently far too low), it can lead to the fact that more and more people in Poland will not ubezpieczało – says visitor Ones.

Today those who cause accidents pay more. However, a huge problem is that in Poland there even 250,000 drivers is uninsured, or ride without the obligatory OC. – A MTPL serves to pay compensation to the victim. And the victim will always be cared for, because it is the Insurance Guarantee Fund, to pay compensation – gives the visitor Ones.

The Trouble For Life

But those uninsured are often young people. – When an accident occurs, and have purchased mandatory civil liability, the Insurance Guarantee Fund must have to start to download the money. Therefore, it is common for them to play a lifetime. All life will be covered the costs of the case, in which the amounts can reach hundreds of thousand – to be.

Therefore, in his opinion, it is worth considering whether this tax, which will assist SOR-y is a pro-social, and whether the effect will not be strong increase in the number of people who do not have insurance. It notes that it is worth together with the Ministry of Health to develop a solution that would be convenient for drivers. – Insurers are managing only the money of its clients – like guest Ones. And he adds: – Firms contribution by collecting money from all the customers and later wypacają of this compensation. Therefore, this possible new tax will pay all the drivers – he says.